Hajj Finance Company Limited
Depository Services

Al Wadia Hajj Savings Acount (AWHSA)

   The opening of the account and money deposited into it is governed by the Al Wadiah (Safe      Custody) rules of Islamic Shariah.
   The account is open to all Bangladeshi having intention to perform Hajj or Umrah in the      Holy Land.
   The Al-Wadia Hajj Savings Account (AWHSA) may be opened individually or jointly.
   Account holder deposits money into his AWHSA Account for the purpose of safe keeping on      the Islamic Principal of Al-Wadiah (safe custody).
     Any individual can open an Al-Wadiah Hajj Savings Account by depositing at least      TK-200 (Taka two hundred only) into his account at the time of opening. Thereafter, the      depositor      can deposit any amount of money at any time in the account.
     Hibah (gift) may be paid on the balance in the account on yearly basis. The quantum of      the hiba is subject to the final decision of the company.
     Account holder gives his consent to HFCL to utilize the whole or part of money to the credit      of his account in the manner that the company shall deem fit.