Hajj Finance Company Limited
Statement of Chairman


I welcome everybody.

Hajj Finance Company Limited in short, HFCL, is the first of its kind in Bangladesh. It is dedicated to providing Hajj services to the general masses, rich and poor.  Everyone is welcomed to utilize our services.

We provide savings facilities and Hajj package.   We invite you to plan for your Hajj journey through our Hajj savings scheme and utilize our Hajj package.   You can save slowly, little by little.

We want to reach out to every Bangladeshi.  We will open more branches throughout the country.

HFCL is not an ordinary Hajj services company.  It is licensed by Bangladesh Bank.   So, you can utilize our services with confidence.   This is your company and you are the real shareholders.

The establishment of HFCL is the result of long effort at various levels with the support from our Malaysian counterpart.   We are here not to make huge profit.   Our priority is to serve you and to serve you in the best way that we can.

Let this company be the company of the people – your company.

Thank you. Wassalam.

Barrister Rafique-Ul Huq