Hajj Finance Company Limited
CSR & Green Banking

CSR has been defined as the integration of business operations and values whereby the interests of all stakeholders. Including customers, employees, investors and the environment are reflected in the organizations policies and actions. HFCL believes by practicing CSR the organization can improve communication with the community and other stakeholders ensure accountability and transparency in operation. Improve internal decision making, enhance corporate image, improve reputation and bring about the enhancement of the customers true worthiness and sustainable development

CSR is an integral part of corporate culture and ethics of HFCL. HFCL recognizes and always upholds the rights of various groups of stakeholders and treats them fairly

HFCL and its Customers: HFCL has developed working systems, applied modern technology and made available and knowledgeable and skilled people so as to ensure that customers receive the best possible service. HFCL ensures confidentiality of customer's information and attaches highest importance in complaint management. The company strives to listen to and learn from its stakeholders and to take the appropriate action where it applies, since responsible behavior towards its clients. Shareholders and employees is an essential element of company's daily business

HFCL and its Employees: HFCL is working, with a vision of converting human resources into human capital through appropriate knowledge, skills, abilities and personal attribution. HFCL ensures equal opportunities for all its employees in terms of both their personal and professional development. A healthy environment has been created where employees enjoy working with pride. HFCL ensures health and safety in the workplace while keeping it modern by providing all amenities for its employees. In order to ensure employee satisfaction HFCL has revised its, salary package during this year

Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment HFCL promotes gender equality and women's empowerment. HFCL is successfully developing in bringing, diversity in workforce in context of age, gender, ethnicity and locality. HFCL strives to strike the balance between male and female in the workforce

Corporate Governance at HFCL Corporate governance policy of HFCL recognizes the importance of the transparency to all its constituents; including employees, customers, investors, and the regulatory authorities demonstrating that the shareholders are the ultimate beneficiaries of the company's economic activities

HFCL's corporate governance philosophy encompasses not only regulatory and legal requirements, including the BSEC Regulations and the Bangladesh Bank guidelines in respect of corporate governance, but also other practices aimed at a high level of business ethics. effective supervision and enhancement of value for all shareholders

Environmental & Green Banking Awareness As an environment-responsive financial institution, HFCL ensures that the borrower has the due environmental clearance certificate from the concerned authorities while granting or renewing credit Facilities. HFCL has assessed environmental and social issues related to the projects at the time of granting credit facilities which reflects HFCL's strong commitment in ensuring environmental and social safeguard of the projects, while creating a sense of accountability for the borrowers. HFCL encourages rational use of' energy in the office and promotes the spirit of environment friendly action plans. HFCL aims to reduce the electricity consumption and paper use as a part of green banking concept. In line with broad corporate mission of' the company HF'CL conducted various CSR activities during the financial year 2013.. The highlights of the activities taken during the reporting period are as follows: • The loss of lives in the Savar Rana Plaza collapse shocked the entire nation. HFCL has stepped forward by providing funds to the PM's Relief and Welfare Fund to help the injured and the family members of the victims of the tragic Rana Plaza collapse. • As a regular CSR activity HFCL has distributed blanket and old cloth to distress and cold effected people through Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM)