Hajj Finance Company Limited
FAQ on Hajj
Question: 1. Can one open account to perform Umrah?
No. At the moment, we have saving plan for Hajj only.
Question: 2. How can we register for Hajj?
We have Hajj Information and Liaison Officer who would be happy to give answer to all Hajj related queries including Hajj registration.
Question: 3. Does the projected amount include all expenses of Hajj?
The projected amount takes into account almost all expenses of Hajj including.
Question: 4. Will HFCL subsidize if the actual cost of Hajj is much higher than the projected amount?
No. The actual cost of Hajj may well differ from the projected amount. It will depend on various financial and economic factors. At the time a depositor wants to register for Hajj, if his accumulated deposits plus profits fall short of the actual cost of Hajj, he will have to top up the amount. If otherwise, he can withdraw the excess amount.
Question: 5. Why would someone open Hajj deposit account with HFCL?
HFCL is the only dedicated non-bank financial institution which focuses on Hajj savings scheme and Hajj management. HFCL has expertise in Hajj management who are responsible for all logistic and travel related matters in respect to performance of Hajj in the Holy Land. HFCL, through it related concerns, offers hassle-free and comfortable Hajj services.