Hajj Finance Company Limited
Depository Services

Mudaraba Monthly Hajj Scheme (MMHS)

   The opening of the account and money deposited into it, is governed by the Mudaraba       rules of Islamic Shariah.
    Money deposited into Mudaraba Monthly Hajj Scheme (MMHS)is for Hajj purpose only.
    MMHS can be opened only for one single name. A minor can open the account where his father and mother or legal guardian will operate the account for him.
    A person intending to perform Hajj in 1 (one) year time to 30 (thirty) year's time will       select the monthly deposit installment from the installment size of Taka. 600 (for 30       year's tenure) to Taka 19,000 (for 1 year tenure) based on the projected Hajj cost in the       year he intends to perform Hajj. The installment size is subject to regular review.
     If any depositor does not intend to continue with his account and wants to close the account      before completing at least one year tenure, the account holder will only receive the      principle amount he deposited. After one year but before maturity of the chosen tenure he      willl receive the principle and profit according to the profit rate declared by the company.
     If a depositor wishes to perform Hajj ahead of his scheduled time, he may do so by      depositing value to sufficient the amount of Hajj expenses fixed for that particular year      against the balance of his account.
     The monthly installment may be made in cash or cheque, demand draft (DD) or pay      order. The cheque payment should be in favor of HAJJ FINANCE COMPANY LIMITED      between the 5th to 25th day of each month at branches of HFCL or branches of the      company'snominated collecting agent bank.
     Account holder gives his consent to HFCL to utilize the whole or part of money to the credit      of his account in the manner that the company shall deem fit.