Hajj Finance Company Limited
Directors Profile

Md.Fuad Bin Yasin (Malaysian) is a Board Member. He holds Bachelor of Science degree in Agribusiness from University Agriculture/Putra (UPM), Selangor, Malaysia. He has more than 21 (twenty one) years experiences in political based work. Currently, Mr. Md Fuad Bin Yasin is the in-charge of 15 Parliamentstand 36 Divisions in the state of Kedah, mainly to maintain the ruling party in power (The Government of Malaysia). Prior to joining in the state of Kedah, Mr.Md Fuad Bin Yasin served in various capacities, among others, Director (State of Penang) Department of Special Affairs (JASA) and Chairman (Cooperative of JASA Kedah).


Md Fuad Bin Yasin (Malaysian),